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Enphase AC battery – quick, easy and safe

Created by Grant Behrendorff under News on Tuesday 30th of August 2016

See how three Enphase AC batteries are installed in 30 mins.  Quick, easy and safe (no high DC voltage).

Link to video of AC batteries being installed

The Enphase AC battery is wired directly to your switchboard with 240V cabling like other appliances in the home (e.g. air conditioners, hot water system, stove, power points, lighting etc).  There is no specialised high DC voltage wiring required which is prone to cause fire or shock.

The batteries are modular so you can install as many batteries as you need.  If your energy storage needs increase in future you can simply add more batteries. Easy!

There is no need for any additional equipment such as DC regulators, interactive inverters etc which are required for DC batteries. The Enphase AC battery can be installed on ANY solar system without making any changes to the existing solar system.

The batteries are fully controlled by the Enphase Envoy S Metered which constantly monitors your energy usage, solar generation and time-of-use tariffs.  The Envoy automatically optimises the use of your solar and energy storage to achieve the lowest possible electricity bill.   There is nothing you need to do!

To determine how many batteries you need simply install the Envoy S Metered and over a few weeks it will calculate this for you based on your solar system performance and your specific energy usage.  You can then confidently know you are purchasing the ‘right size’ battery system – not too big and not too small – just right.  You also know that you can add more at anytime.



To read more about working out the right size battery for your home or business click here

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