Energy Savings

Evolve Energy can reduce your energy costs through the provision of professional Energy Auditing services. We also have extensive experience managing comprehensive Energy Efficiency Programs for residents, businesses and whole communities.

Energy Audits

Evolve Energy provides energy auditing services that exceed the requirements of Australia Standard AS/NZS 3598:2000 in both quality and effectiveness.

Level 1 Engagement

Level 1 engagements are designed for small to medium size businesses who require a basic energy audit and provision of expert advice on energy reduction strategies. Businesses receive an action plan and behaviour change management kit.

Level 2 or 3 Engagement

Level 2 or 3 engagements are designed for high energy users and involves a detailed energy audit and provision of a comprehensive Energy Savings Plan.

An Energy Savings Plan is a well developed plan which identifies changes in the way you operate to improve energy efficiency. To develop this plan we seek to understand your current operations as well as future plans for the business, and we cross reference this information with your current energy expenses (ie electricity, gas bills etc). We also undertake a detailed energy audit to fully understand your existing energy usage patterns and costs. From this information we can develop a plan of actions to help you evolve towards a more sustainable and cheaper energy future.

You will be provided with a detailed Energy Savings Plan outlining actions you can take to reduce your costs and emissions. These actions will consist of:

  • Things you can do now – no cost.
  • Things you can do soon – low cost.
  • Things you can plan for – make an investment.

All actions will be provided with a budgeted cost to implement, annual expected cost savings, simple payback period and the estimated emissions savings.

We also provide you with a life cycle cost comparison of the plan with your existing energy usage. This analysis will clearly indicate when the plan will start saving you money and the costs over a chosen life cycle period so you can effectively plan your ongoing energy budgets.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Evolve Energy has developed and delivered highly effective energy efficiency programs for homes, businesses and communities. Our business clusters program has been recognised and profiled by Queensland Government as a leading approach in this area.

Community wide programs we have lead have achieved savings in excess of 15% for 3 remote towns in far north Queensland.

Case Studies

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