Remote Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions in IndiaMeeting in India

There are many people that are unable to access national electricity networks and require reliable and cost effective electricity supply.

The professional engineers at Evolve Energy have designed and supplied remote energy solutions for customers and governments in Australia, the Pacific and India, and lead the way in developing innovative and cost effective solutions that meet the cultural and practical needs of residents.

Solutions have included:

  1. Centralised solar power stations serving remote villages in India.
  2. Remote Area Power Supplies (RAPS) for stations, national parks and indigenous communities across Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
  3. Large scale power generation for remote towns incorporating wind generation, concentrated solar, geothermal generation and biofuels.

Evolve Energy can also assist in the design, specification and procurement of mobile generation solutions and programs to improve reliability of supply to remote communities that are exposed to natural disasters such as cyclones and flooding.

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